Stem Cell therapy for Neurodegenerative diseases


Our vision at Convalesce Inc. is to transform regenerative medicine for neurological conditions combining stem cells and brain mimetic implantable biomaterials, that will regenerate lost neurons restoring neural pathways. Our primary focus is on Parkinson's Disease due to its socio-economic impact, not only on the patient but on the entire society.

At Convalesce, we are developing a stem cell based therapy for neurological conditions that leads to degeneration of neurons, like Parkinson’s. Stem cells are versatile source of cells that could be differentiated to nascent neurons, which could replace the degenerated ones. However, the stem cells after transplantation in the brain mostly do not survive or migrate to unwanted areas. As a result they are not able to serve the purpose of growing into new neurons and release neurotransmitters.

The key technological advancement is in the development of a gel-based matrix that not only resembles the softness of the brain but also mimics the topography of the natural extracellular matrix of brain to a nanometer scale. When stem cells are transplanted in the brain mixed with this gel, they survive 300% better as well as remain confined to the area they are transplanted. The gel being brain mimetic, also helps in transformation of the stem cells to the target neuron type.



Subhadeep Das, Ph. D. | Co-founder and CEO

Subhadeep is a trained biochemist and has worked at the junction of materials engineering and stem cell biology across multidisciplinary and multinational groups at IIT Bombay (India), Monash University and Florey Institute of Neuroscience (Australia). He is the co-inventor of AmGel, the core matrix technology behind the Convalesce’s hydrogel for stem cell transplantation.

Amrutraj Zade, Ph. D. | Co-founder and CSO

Amrutraj has acquired advanced expertise in Molecular virology and Bioinformatics during the course of his graduation from Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay). He has been trained in Cell Biology, Genetic Engineering and Protein Biochemistry techniques for more than five years.